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What is ELAN?

The English Language Arts Network (ELAN Ontario) aims to establish a sustained learning community networking English Language Arts and Media educators from grades 7-12 across the province via diverse networks of communication such as online communications, virtual resources, webinars, and conferences.


To assist members in providing leadership in curriculum by some of the following means:

  • Reports of development in language, learning, and the teaching of Language Arts;
  • Information exchange for in-service programs and professional development;
  • Exchange of curriculum resources;
  • Cooperative and coordinated response to developments within institutions such as Provincial Ministries, Departments of Education, Canadian Council of Teachers of English, National Association of Teachers of English, the International Reading Association, and Faculties of Education, and the Ontario Teachers Federation Curriculum Forum
  • Study, clarification, and informed response to any developments affecting Language, Learning and the teaching or assessment of English/Language Arts, Media Education;
  • To cultivate strategies and skills for developing 21st century literacies;
  • To cultivate initiatives for literacy across the curriculum.

Our Values

Promote the sharing of information about language learning and the teaching of English Language Arts and Media education, including: Digital Literacy, Critical Literacy, multimodal Literacy and Culturally Responsive Pedagogy


ELAN invites you to help us grow. Member input is a valuable resource that we can use to shape our website, events, and lessons. Please take a moment to provide us with your feedback. Thanks!

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Paula Nevins & Brian Weishar
Email: [email protected]


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